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Our Fire Sauce Story

At Big Jims Chilli Co. our Fire Sauce was given its name as just like its namesake - it is not just hot, it is alive.

Being a Chilli based sauce it has great character by using Birdseye chilli, coupled with Habanero Chilli due to their floral aroma and flavour notes. Accompanying this we have added Honey, Herbs, Garlic, Onion and Tomato to complement and enhance the flavour palate.

By using this combination and balancing the four key flavour groups this sauce presents with many different levels of flavour and heat from the front to the back of the palate.

From tangy and warm, to sweet, to hot and finally moreish – It has it all.

Perfect as a side sauce, marinade, or dish enhancer. Use on burgers, grilled chicken, pork or whatever your taste buds desire.

We want you to enjoy our sauce as much as we do and fall in love with Big Jims Chilli Co.

Thank you, Big Jim

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